Power BI – Foundation

Who is this course for? Anybody who is getting started analysing data or building reports with Power BI.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will have a broad understanding of how to explore analyse and visualise data using Power BI and will be comfortable using Power BI Desktop to build reports and dashboards.

Course Length and Price: 2 days, £2,900 ex VAT

Pre-requisites: None

Course Content:
This is a very practical hands-on course. Attendees will build Power BI visualisations, reports of increasing power and sophistication as the course progresses. Most time will be spent in lab exercises – these will use data from public datasets.   In some of these exercises, attendees may work in breakout teams of about 4 people.  Quizzes at the start of the day will reinforce the lessons learned in the exercises on the previous day.  The course covers the following topics.

  • Import data from text/CSV files, spreadsheets and databases
  • Clean and transform data – replace or remove bad values, filter the rows, group, summarise, pivot and unpivot data, calculate results
  • Calculate useful quantities e.g. sums, averages, cumulative values
  • Build helpful and insightful visuals such as bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, matrix and table visuals, and maps
  • Use interactions between visuals (as a filter, highlight) to good effect
  • Explore and explain data: drill to detail, show data, add basic analytics (averages, trends, clusters, reference lines
  • Filter data with slicers and the filter pane
  • Tell stories with data; use bookmarks, spotlight, create drill-though pages
  • Improve and polish reports: add text, images and other non-data elements to enhance the report; apply conditional formatting e.g. data bars; configure titles, axes, colours, labels; design for a phone / mobile device
  • Publish content to the Power BI Service

Below are some images from the lab exercises on the course.

A dual axis line and column chart to show price and volume of BP shares traded over the last few years
Votes and seats won by three parties in the UK 2019 general election