Data and Analysis Training

Zomalex provides in-house training courses in data science. Each course is for a specific client. We provide both virtual and in-person courses. We don’t provide public training courses. You can read what previous customers have said about us here. And here are details of our prices. Our contact details are here.

Our most popular courses are:

We offer five Power BI courses. The foundation Power BI course is aimed at beginners. The Data Modelling course explain how to relate several tables to create sophisticated model and the DAX course explains the calculation language of Power BI. We offer two specialist courses: the Maps course shows how to use the different map visuals to create interactive maps; Power AI teaches how to take advantage of all the machine learning and predictive features of Power BI.

We provide two SQL courses; the foundation-level SQL course shows how to retrieve data from SQL databases with the SELECT statement. The advanced-level SQL course improves the power and sophistication of analysis in SQL.

We also run two Excel courses. The foundation-level Excel course covers many useful functions, such as XLOOKUP, a better alternative to the notorious VLOOKUP. It introduces the new spill functions such as FILTER and shows example how to use these. It also covers Excel tables, pivot tables and conditional formatting. The advanced-level Excel course focuses on two major components of modern Excel; Power Query to import and clean data; and the Excel Data Model (Power Pivot) to model and calculate.

We have two courses introducing the main open-source data languages, Data Analysis With R, Data Analysis With Python.

We offer three non-technical courses aimed at a broad audience. The Data Visualisation Workshop is our most popular course for anybody who needs to communicate data and results in a visual manner whether it be to their board of directors or to the public at large. The Get Smarter About Data course equips attendees to be more discerning and critical about data. The Analysing Data course improves data proficiency – it has a more explicitly quantitative flavour than the “Smarter” course.

Finally, we offer an introductory course on Tableau.

Most courses are two days in length but we also run these as a shortened one day version if requested.